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We would like to introduce the most revolutionary wedding table product to hit the market since the invention of the lamp and its now available to all Wedding Planners, Wedding Product Websites, Wedding Rentals and those in the Wedding Industry at wholesale prices.

Make the most important day of your life truly unique and “light up your life” with the AdLamp for Weddings. Totally customizable to match the decor and theme of the wedding colors and look. Bring out the real you and display your photos, table numbers, guest names and menu with the power of AdLamps back lighting system. Guests will love and never be lost again no matter how dim the ambient light level of the room. No longer a need for eye glasses and a lighter to read the wedding program or bulletin.

AdLamp Wedding Possibilities:

  • Custom Colored Light Feature
  • Custom Frame
  • Centerpiece or Custom Centerpiece
  • Table Marker or Place Marker
  • Menu or Card Holder
  • Custom Photo Lantern or Photo Cube
  • Wedding or Party Favor
  • Hanging Lantern or Hanging Light
  • Wedding Cake Topper
  • Wedding Program or Bulletin


Like most people with big families, I get a lot of wedding invitations. Between family and friends, I could easily be attending a wedding every week. After about the fourth wedding of the season, they all seem to run together. I certainly remember key parts of each wedding but the receptions are often a different matter. After awhile, one reception hall looks just like another.

I usually see tables with markers and cards where designated seating is written in beautifully cursive but difficult to read script. There are the pretty centerpieces featuring a graceful vase and flowers reflecting the flowers in the bride’s bouquet. Table cloths are gleaming, silverware and glassware are sparkling, and the room is so dim that finding the table where I’m supposed to sit becomes a real adventure. I understand the reason for the dim lighting. It is a wedding reception, after all, and wedding receptions should feel romantic.

I was expecting all of these things when I recently attended a college friend’s wedding reception. The gleaming and sparkling items were all there, as was the romantically dim lighting. However, much to my surprise, each table featured a stunning four-sided, internally illuminated lamp. Each lamp served as a base for a lush bouquet of sweetly scented flowers. Collectively, the lamps on the tables made the room positively glow. I can honestly say I had never seen anything like it at any of the many weddings I’ve attended. The overall effect was mesmerizing. It was just amazing.

Even though the reception hall lighting was very subdued, the lamp centerpieces made it easy to find our table because one pane of the lamp clearly illuminated table numbers. When we took our seats, I was further delighted to see that the remaining three sides of the lamp included softly back-lit photographs featuring scenes from our college days that included my friend and the groom. The memories just jumped out. In minutes everyone at the table was chatting about those great times.

Visiting other tables, I could see that the pictures chosen for the tables reflected the relationship of the bride or groom to the table occupants. There were baby pictures on one table, family Christmas photos on another. The table guests were uniformly thrilled with these unique centerpieces. These lamps created a warm feeling of shared experiences with the bride and groom. All I could think was, “What a terrific idea!”

Of course, I had to ask about these centerpieces and I was told they were AdLamps. Although the commercial applications of such a lamp would be obvious, I think using them for a wedding was the most tremendous idea. It made my friend’s wedding certainly the most memorable I’ve ever attended and, to this day, I can remember even the smallest details. I have no doubt that this is due in large part to those photographs on our table and the memories and laughter shared with our fellow table guests.

Since then, I have told everyone I know who is planning a wedding about AdLamps. Every single person thought they were a wonderful way to ensure that their wedding was as memorable as my friend’s. They were especially excited about the many ways the Ad Lamp could be used for their special day. Suggestions included using the AdLamp as a wedding menu holder, for name tags or as a table card holder. One person thought the AdLamp would be an outstanding cake topper. So many possibilities!

AdLamp’s motto is, “Light up your life.” With these wonderful lamps, that’s exactly what happens at a wedding that is sure to be memorable for the wedding party and guests alike.