“Light Up Your Life” with the Ad Lamp for Weddings

If you are planning a wedding, you know how important the event is. Whether you are the bride, the groom or a wedding planner, you want everyone to remember the special day with fondness. The wedding can be a more memorable occasion for the bride and groom as well as for all the guests when you add some unique touches like the innovative Ad Lamps.

The exclusive Ad Lamp has four sides of four-inch by six-inch lightweight plastic that form a frame when snapped together with a plastic top. Inside the lamp is a battery-powered LED light that does not generate any noticeable heat. Three AAA batteries provide a pleasant glow of light in the lamp for approximately 100 hours. The internal illumination serves to backlight the photos, bulletin, program, escort cards, name tags, table markers or other items placed in the Ad Lamp. Inserting images or changing images in the lamp is easy to do. Simply snap off the top, slide the images between the plastic sheets and replace the top.

Ad Lamps are extremely versatile because they have no plugs and are completely portable, so you can place the wonderful lamps anywhere. A remarkable Ad Lamp can serve as a unique wedding table custom centerpiece or as a wedding cake topper. When you use small tables that accommodate six or eight people each, you can use an Ad Lamp as a wedding table centerpiece on every table. However, each guest can have his or her own individual lamp if you use it for a wedding table card holder. The guests can easily find their table numbers, read the menu, look at photos of the bride and groom and read the wedding bulletin with the light provided by an Ad Lamp. You will really impress your guests when they learn that they are welcome to take their Ad Lamps with them as keepsakes from the wedding.

The key function of the Ad Lamp is to light up and glow in a dimly lit room with low ambient lighting. Although soft lighting is romantic, it is not adequate for reading or viewing photos. Therefore, the Ad Light is the perfect way to illumine an area while still maintaining the enchanting atmosphere. Our slogan, “Light Up Your Life with the Ad Lamp for Weddings” is appropriate and tells the story in just a few words.

You can use Ad Lamps in a variety of ways for your wedding. Create a unique wedding centerpiece with an Ad Lamp and some flowers and ribbons, or group several Ad Lamps together to display the wedding invitation, bulletin, program, menu and a few photos. Place an Ad Lamp at the end of each row of seats along the aisle at the wedding ceremony. Hang Ad Lamps from the ceiling of the dance floor to create amazing lighting for the after-wedding dance. Glowing wedding table tents at the reception help guests read menus, and a wedding table photo cube makes a wonderful wedding favor for each guest. No one will need to strike a match or use a lighter to read the menu when each guest has a personal wedding table menu holder.

The Ad Lamp’s flat cover allows you to put a small bouquet of flowers or a figurine on the top to add to the lamp’s attractiveness. Ad Lamps are customizable to compliment your wedding theme and colors. You can order Ad Lamps in a flat black color, or you can request a custom order that matches your sample colors to create a special look for each wedding table place marker.

Make your wedding truly unique with Ad Lamps, and your guests will remember the special occasion every time they look at their distinctive keepsakes. Be sure to order an Ad Lamp for yourself as well because you will certainly want to display one in your home after the wedding.