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~Portable Advertising Lamps~

We exclusively produce a new product call the “AdLamp” (patent pending). It is a four-sided, internally illuminated, portable lamp device that back lights the menu/ads/photos by battery power LED light, generating no discernible heat output. The total frame size is 5 inches wide, and 7 inches tall. The image size is 4×6 on all four sides, which is the same size as a standard table tent in most restaurants. The images are easy to change by removing the snap-on top and sliding the images in between the acrylic sheets. Printing your advertising on Standard Photo Paper from a Photo Mat gives the best back light effect. All four sides are made of lightweight plastic which snap together to form the frame (a total of just 6 pieces including the light).

The AdLamp is a great way to up sell your desserts, coffee and after dinner drinks at the end of a meal or specials and appetizers before dinner. All eyes are drawn to the AdLamp when entering an eating/drinking establishment. Battery power is provided by three AAA batteries and will give an average of 100 hours of illumination.

The AdLamp is a sure fire revenue generator for all restaurateurs.

  • No Plugs!
  • Only $15.95 Each
  • Portable Advertising
  • 100 Hours Per Battery Cycle
  • Turn Any Space Into Ad Space
  • We Ship within 3 Days!

“The Most Important Day of Your Life”

Wedding planners can make their next event something special with unique custom centerpieces from AdLamps. These elegant little cubes feature four fully customizable sides and can provide subtle ambient light for wedding receptions and ceremonies. AdLamps can be customized with pictures of the bride and groom or used to indicate seating arrangements inside the reception hall. AdLamps are battery-operated and portable, ensuring optimal flexibility for designers and planners in creating the overall look and feel of the room or outdoor area. Because they use advanced LED lamps, these lighting solutions do not produce additional heat and are safe for use around children. Available only through the AdLamps website, these lighting solutions are the perfect solution for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Themed lighting that sets the mood

AdLamps can be used as wedding table photo cubes to display pictures of the bride and groom, the guests, childhood memories or any other photographic images. Wedding planners can configure AdLamps to complement the existing color scheme or opt for the added elegance of black and white photographs for even more versatility. When used as a wedding table custom centerpiece or table marker, the subtle inner glow of the AdLamp will create the perfect romantic mood for family and friends attending the celebration. Whether it serves as a wedding table card holder or is used as the primary wedding table custom centerpiece for the reception, the AdLamps wedding lights are the ideal solution for subtle, understated elegance.

Exceptional versatility

Unlike other lighting options, AdLamps can be customized to suit the preferences of the bride and groom. Simply remove the top and slide the photographic image, color filter or printed sheet between the protective acrylic sheets present on each side of the AdLamps. From simple sketches to full color photographs, almost any image can be displayed on each of the four sides of the AdLamp. Additionally, the AdLamp can be used as a wedding table menu holder, a table place marker or as a unique way to display the wedding program or bulletin. AdLamps can provide clearly visible table numbers to help guests find their tables more easily and can even serve as an elegant wedding cake topper for larger gatherings. Whatever the lighting or decorative needs, the AdLamp can provide a beautiful and brilliant solution.

Affordable elegance

Practical and beautiful, the innovative wedding AdLamp is surprisingly affordable as well. An AdLamp can be a unique keepsake wedding favor for friends and family members to treasure for years to come and can be customized with a wedding program, invitation, reception menu and photos of the happy couple. Because wedding planners and family members can use their own printed materials in the AdLamp, fonts and styles can easily be matched to invitations, wedding escort cards, name tags and other items selected as part of the decor for the wedding ceremony and reception celebration. This can create a cohesive and pulled-together look that can make any event even more special.

AdLamps are the perfect lighting solution for wedding planners, brides and grooms and wedding rental companies. These innovative products can be used to construct a unique wedding centerpiece or can be used as wedding table tents and table card holders during the reception. Because AdLamps glow from within, they add a little extra radiance to the entire event and let you “Light Up Your Life” with these exceptional wedding light solutions.